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Every day 1 million Americans turn a year older and most of them go through the challenging experience of planning a dinner. No one likes waiting for people to commit, not being seated until your late friend shows up – let alone the dreaded bill!

We're here to change all of that.


CELEBR8 is the world's best way to plan and pay for group dinners. We make it simple for anyone, anywhere to book a restaurant that easily accommodates the crew and wrangle payment from all our flaky friends.

From rehearsal dinners to going away parties – stress-free special occasions are now a swipe away.

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Your city's best group spots.
We curate the best restaurants that love large parties and work with them to create a unique prix-fixe menu.

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Social payments.
Once a host initiates a “celebr8tion,” our SMS chatbot handles the rest, texting friends to align on a time slot and requesting payment.

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CELEBR8 concierge.
Our live team can personally confirm details with the restaurant and deal with last minute changes, send flowers, party favors or gifts.


Stress-free special occasions. 
When the special day arrives just show up, dine and leave. No waiting forever to be seated until your party is complete and no agonizing over splitting the bill.



Get in touch with founder adjoa@wecelebr8.com